Sunday, April 22, 2012

Monday Book Club

There is a movement going on right now within the quilting world.
"Enjoy the Process"

What does that mean?  Well quite simply slowing down and really finding
joy in every step of the quilt making process.....
From selecting the fabric, pattern, quilt top construction, quilting of the top & lastly the binding.

This book covers quilting by hand using big stitches called "Utility Quilting" 

Using the great information in this book, you too can enjoy just another part of the quilting process while saving some hard earned $

Learn how to baste your quilt so it becomes a portable quilting project.
You would be surprised how much quilting you can get done while waiting at appointments, sporting events, car pool, music lessons.  Little bits of time that often just go wasted. 

There is just something nice about connecting on another level with your precious quilting. 

This is a wonderful book.  Very well done & full of information & helpful hints. 
So grab some Pearle cotton & get quilting!

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