Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Complimentary Stitchery 2012 (1st. Quarter)

Our awesome designers have been busy coming up with a new Complimentary Stitchery for 2012.

After much thought, they decided to carry on the excitement from the
Red & White quilt display"Infinite Variety" in New York City last year.  
The exhibit was so popular a prediction was made that 2012 would continue to be the "Year of The Red & White Quilt".

So our Complimentary Stitchery this year will be
"Red & White" with Red work embroidery.

Patterns are complimentary and available during each prospective month. 
Fabric packets are $11.95 per. Quarter. 
The fabric packet has enough fabric for 6 blocks.
If you miss collecting any patterns, they will be posted on our blog quarterly.

You can choose to construct the quilt on display or a center medallion wall hanging which will be reveled later.

So enjoy and make this year your "Red & White" quilting year!


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