Sunday, April 8, 2012

Monday Book Club

Today's book is such a feast for the eyes and mind....


This is the second book for Emily Cier....
She is quite the talented quilter.
In this book you will find 8 quilt projects, all presented in LIVING COLOR....

The focus is using your scraps.....
I love the way she walks you through the organizing & sorting of your scraps.
Then stitching them together to create scrappy fabric which you then cut your pieces from.
If you are not a huge scrap repository, she gives you instructions as well as yardage to purchase fabric for each quilt.

I just can't do this book justice with a review.  If your are smart you will get
your hands on a copy and feast on every page! 

Now I will say it is a modern book, & the amount of color used is not for
the faint of heart.......
I really think the principles could be applied to most any style or fabric scrap

It is only around 51 pages and priced at $16.95
so I think it will fit into most budgets.

I promise you will never look at your scraps the same way again!

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