Sunday, June 27, 2010

Monday Book Club #4

At first glance this book might
strike you as really nothing special....
Some may quickly flip through
looking at the projects and hoping
for some unique tidbit to spur their
My nature is to digest every single
page.  Reading through as if it were
a great novel.
The style in this book is
primitive design and applique'

The introduction is so charming,
one snippet from it... quote
"This book is not intended to teach
you how to make "perfect" quilts. 
But if you want to make quilts
for the pure joy of creating,
if you want to enjoy the journey not
just the destination, and if this book
gives you the freedom to make "mistakes"
(and not fee obligated to automatically
rip them out!), it will have served
it's purpose."

Wow what a powerful statement!

My 3 favorite project from the book
are: Chocolate-covered Churn Dashes,
Autumn Equinox & Flowers in The Snow.

Hope you enjoy!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Monday Book Club #3

It seems that in order to be a serious quilter
You need a STASH....
What is a stash?  Well it is fabric,
collected over time, fabric that speaks
to your inner soul and begs you to
collect it for that some-day perfect

Soon you have this eclectic collection
of fabrics, and no idea what to use
them for...
Let me tell you, Leaders and Enders
is the answer to your problem
of the ever growing STASH. 

Then it comes time to manicure your stash

Bonnie Hunter has worked her system over the years
to use scraps, recycled clothing, and yardage to
construct block components while you are
sewing other projects.

Love this book & her blog

Hurray for scrappy, happy, quilts!!!

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Monday, June 14, 2010

Monday Book Club #2

Many of you may be familiar with Miss Rosie's Quilt Co.
and the awesome quilts that Carrie Nelson designs. 

There has been quite a following for her small quilts
called "Schnibbles". 
So much to my joy and excitement when I found out
she was publishing a book called

"Schnibbles times Two".

While the book concentrates on making quilts
from 5" or 10" squares,
the patterns can be used as terrific stash busters. 

There are 12 quilts and each is offered in two sizes.

As usual her instructions and illustrations are wonderful. 
Carrie also adds her delightful comments and explanations
throughout the book.

Can I say that the book was everything I expected and more!!

Side note:  If you ever get the chance to attend a trunk show
or lecture by Carrie Nelson, don't miss it. 
She is such a delightful person, so warm and friendly. 
She always delivers a lecture you will remember,
and her quilts are as exquisite!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Monday Book Club #1

So here is our first book club book!

I first saw this book about a year ago. 
It is one of those rare beauties that from
first to last page you just can't put it down. 
Someone might think I was reading a steamy
romance novel the way I clung to every page
and had to keep wiping the drool from my mouth.

Every photograph, every graphic, every instruction....Impeccable! 
Remember it's been a year and I am
still singing the praises of this book. 
Take a look....I don't think you'll be sorry!