Sunday, March 25, 2012

Monday Book Club

Alissa Haight Carlton is the founder of "The Modern Quilt Guild".
Her first book was a collaboration called
"block party, The Modern Quilting Bee"
I loved it....and if you haven't taken a look at it I would suggest you find
a copy and take a look!

Her newest book "Modern Minimal" provides you with 20 Bold & Graphic
quilt projects to make you very, very, happy quilters.

These quilts are built using beautiful solids & large area's of open negative space.
Unlike traditional quilts which are built a block at a time, these creations
are built as a whole.  The piecing is all straight line, with ideas for quilting
which will add dimension and texture.

I really enjoyed the layout, instructions & photos.
If you are looking for some striking & quickly sewn projects
you will want to give this a look.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Monday Book Club

With the cost of quilting as well as general living going up,
we quilters look for ways to make our dollars stretch.......

Straight line quilting on a regular home machine
has become a very popular option.

The first book "One Line at a Time"  was so popular....
The author; Charlotte Warr Andersen, found it hard to turn off her creative mind so she just kept on creating. 
This creativity turned into the "Encore" book. 

Charlotte & C&T Publishing also created a marked tape called "Inchie Ruler Tape" which has many uses throughout the book.

I found the instructions very detailed, most designs are accomplished with a walking foot,
a few use free motion.

There are numerous templates to print off as well as a page of "Inchie Ruler Tape" to try out.

She shows you how to use blue painters tape and mark it yourself, She really provides you with multiple options  to achieve your final quilting result.

I think it is a very interesting way to add a level of complexity to your
quilting by building on a base design "One Line at a Time" until it
develops into an intricate pattern.

Or use the base designs to add a simple sophistication to your quilts.

I really enjoyed the book and found it a great resource.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Monday Book Club

Today's book is great for a couple of reasons:

#1)  The focus is on using Fat Quarters, and I mean
        every usable inch of a fat quarter.

#2)  You get 11 projects!

#3)  You get instructions for alternate sizes.

#4)  Clever short cuts for streamlined block construction

$5)  Complex look with simple construction

#6)  All this for a great price of $14.95  + the Monday Book Club discount

Another fun feature in the book....All the quilts are named after card games.
No you won't find "Old Maid"  or "Go Fish"  but real card playing enthusiasts
will find old time favorites like "Hearts", "Gin Rummy" & "Speed".
Oh don't you miss the days of good old card games?
The days of the "Ladies Bridge" gatherings have given way to
more electronic entertainment.

Start a new tradition of family card games, and make a few quilts
to preserve those memories.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012



25% off.....Thursday, March 8th.....ONLY!

Our focus today is on our beautiful designer cotton voile fabrics
in prints & coordinating solids......

As well as our remaining printed cotton knits.

There are so many things you could make with these wonderful

You will find them right up front in their own book case.

Here is a fun idea for the knits

These make up so quickly and are
just right for warmer weather.

Monday, March 5, 2012

March is Here!

March has arrived, and with it we celebrate

"The Luck of the Irish" and......

National Crafting & Quilting Month......

March 17th is National Quilting Day

So to encourage you to "Start Something New"

1.  Come into the store during March
2.  Purchase a book or pattern
3.  Purchase fabric for the book or pattern project
4.  Enjoy 20% off of your purchase

(You must fill all 3 requirements to enjoy the savings.  Discount taken off regular retail prices.  Discount not valid on class patterns & kits.  Cannot be combined with other offers.)

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Monday Book Club

This book explores 12 great projects made using "Rectangles"!

Quite often we over look what can be done with simple shapes.  We get
wrapped up in the complex and forget what beauty there is in the simple.
I was excited to see the possibilities presented through the projects in this book.

Maybe the fabric choices are not your taste....I love them but batiks are not for everyone.  Concentrate on the designs and the simple shapes they use....
it will really get your creative juices flowing.

I really liked the Log Cabin which uses a different method of construction using rectangles.  The project called "Chains of Hope" uses some curved pieces  and has my curiosity peaked.
I think like me you will find some traditional looks, with a little twist!

This book is a great next step for the beginning quilter and will provide inspiration as well as projects with potential for the experienced quilter.

Take a look!