Sunday, March 18, 2012

Monday Book Club

With the cost of quilting as well as general living going up,
we quilters look for ways to make our dollars stretch.......

Straight line quilting on a regular home machine
has become a very popular option.

The first book "One Line at a Time"  was so popular....
The author; Charlotte Warr Andersen, found it hard to turn off her creative mind so she just kept on creating. 
This creativity turned into the "Encore" book. 

Charlotte & C&T Publishing also created a marked tape called "Inchie Ruler Tape" which has many uses throughout the book.

I found the instructions very detailed, most designs are accomplished with a walking foot,
a few use free motion.

There are numerous templates to print off as well as a page of "Inchie Ruler Tape" to try out.

She shows you how to use blue painters tape and mark it yourself, She really provides you with multiple options  to achieve your final quilting result.

I think it is a very interesting way to add a level of complexity to your
quilting by building on a base design "One Line at a Time" until it
develops into an intricate pattern.

Or use the base designs to add a simple sophistication to your quilts.

I really enjoyed the book and found it a great resource.

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