Sunday, June 27, 2010

Monday Book Club #4

At first glance this book might
strike you as really nothing special....
Some may quickly flip through
looking at the projects and hoping
for some unique tidbit to spur their
My nature is to digest every single
page.  Reading through as if it were
a great novel.
The style in this book is
primitive design and applique'

The introduction is so charming,
one snippet from it... quote
"This book is not intended to teach
you how to make "perfect" quilts. 
But if you want to make quilts
for the pure joy of creating,
if you want to enjoy the journey not
just the destination, and if this book
gives you the freedom to make "mistakes"
(and not fee obligated to automatically
rip them out!), it will have served
it's purpose."

Wow what a powerful statement!

My 3 favorite project from the book
are: Chocolate-covered Churn Dashes,
Autumn Equinox & Flowers in The Snow.

Hope you enjoy!

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