Sunday, April 15, 2012

Monday Book Club

This book has been out for a little bit.....I always think it is interesting to watch how certain books or fabrics progress in popularity after they are released to the general public.  We live in a day and age where information can spread so quickly in so many different methods.  If you peruse the Internet you might have noticed the growing popularity of One-Yard Wonders groups.  They are doing everything from making a project a day from the challenges in creating new items for future books.

This is the second book in what has turned out to be a very popular series....
Fabric-by-Fabric....One-Yard Wonders

Just as you found in the first book, there are 101 great projects which only
require 1 magic yard of fabric.

This book differs in that the projects are designed with specific fabric types in mind, which is a really great way to branch out from sewing with cotton only.

All the projects are from contributors & their bios and blogs or websites are listed so if you really love what they do, you can follow their blog for more great ideas. 

If you like small simple projects, which only take a yard of fabric, you will love this second book from Rebecca Yaker & Patricia Hoskins.

Very well done, 101 days of sewing fun!  (Over 400 pages + paper patterns)

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