Sunday, December 16, 2012

Monday Book Club

Square Dance (Revised Edition)
by Martha Thompson
Fancy Quilts from Plain Squares

The concepts within this book were first published in 1996 and became wildly popular which then lead to classes and workshops everywhere. 

Martingale - Square Dance (Print version + eBook bundle)The amazing thing is every quilt design in the book originates from a simple square which is then sewn into a simple grid & then cut apart & sewn back together  where it magically creates layers of such beautiful designs.

You will find 11 projects plus a section at the end about designing your own creations.

You just have to sit down and study this book to even begin to unlock all the great potential it holds within it's pages. I am always amazed how differently our minds work and the incredible ideas that are continually popping up in the quilting world.

I am definitely excited to try this concept out. 
I say give it a look!

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