Sunday, May 13, 2012

Monday Book Club

Quilting From Little Things by Sarah Fielke

I have been following this Australian quilter for many years.  I just love what she does with color and the way she takes traditional quilt patterns and adds a little modern twist to it.

She co-authored "Material Obsession" books one & two with her long time quilting friend and business partner Kathy Doughty.

You will love the layout of the book,She has included little details about choosing fabrics, tools she likes, as well as the focus she puts on specific quilting techniques..

The projects are provided in a small size as well as a larger bed size so you can test your skills before you start out on "the big one".
The book has 10 pairs of quilt projects which will get you on the road to mastering a variety of quilting techniques.
I just love the rich feast for the eyes this book provides!  You will too, now off to add to the list of projects I want to start.  Enjoy!

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