Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Winner, Winner!

Thanks for playing our "CLUE" Mystery Game Utah Shop Hop Preview!

Ms. Scarlett (Madame Alexander Doll Cabinet)
In the Kitchen (The old antique stove)
With the Candle Stick (in the dish room)

Broadbent's is the perfect shop to host "CLUE"  all the rooms already have quirky names.
There is a "Men's" room Which is now the "Cowboy Room" & used to be the "Levi" room.
The "Oak" room which houses a number of fancy dish services
The "Dish" room where you find all sorts of fancy glass wear & figurines,
The "Middle" room where the children's toys & clothing is found
The "Furniture" room where furniture + linens + women's clothing + jewelry & the hankie cabinet are found along with Nann's Merle Norman make-up Studio.
Then we have the "Grocery" room where kitchen items & the candy sticks & suckers are found.
After 131 years of business, and the evolution of each room to fill what ever the current purpose may need to be, one thing still remains the same. 
Broadbent's is always a unique shopping experience!

Our winner(s) are: Jamie Kent & Teena Rasmussen. (Yes 2 winners!) 
We decided to spread the quilting love to both of you.  Happy Day!

Each of you has won a Riley Blake Designs Jelly Roll. 
Thanks Riley Blake Designs!
We will hold your prize for you at the shop.  Come claim it & get your picture taken.

Great Job! 

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Unknown said...

What a fun day with my BFF/Quilt buddy! Started Shop Hop in Logan ended today at Broadbent's. Picked up my prize from the online Clue game and won another by standing on the correct block on the floor. Thank you Broadbent's!
Have 3 more stores in Utah county to do see tomorrow!