Sunday, July 15, 2012

Monday Book Club

OK here is the real post.....Don't know what blogger did, but all we had was a title.  Now for the rest of the story!

Modern Patch Work by Elizabeth Hartman

Elizabeth is the oh so talented author of
She is such a creative force in the quilting world.
This is her second book....Her first "The Practical Guide To Patchwork" was wildly successful. 
I still think it is the best book out there for those who are craving to dive into the world of quilting.

Modern Patch Work, has 12 quilt projects that take you beyond the basics.
It is geared toward the intermediate quilter.  They are all clean and modern with a little more detail.

Elisabeth has such incredible color sense.  Each quilt has the color combinations laid out very plainly.  She has also included alternate color combinations and ideas which are extremely helpful.

I am very impressed with the layout, clear cutting and sewing instructions & fantastic photos.

Every page is rich with color and inspiration.....I love this book!

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