Sunday, December 4, 2011

Monday Book Club

Usually when I review a book there is a lot of reading through background information, introductions, explanations, etc. 

This book cuts to the chase and dives right into the projects.

10 different quilt projects, all have their origins in traditional quilts....
but the author has given them a modern fresh twist.

Each project has a simple, short and informative introduction and then off to
the business of cutting & sewing.

What I LOVE about this book:
1.)  The graphic, instructions & photos are so clear and detailed.
2.)  There are directions to make a crib, lap, twin & queen size for each project.
3.)  Most of the projects are in the beginner level and totally achievable.

I really think this is a book I will make each and every quilt once
(maybe even twice), it can be a great go to when I need a quick
darling baby quilt.  Give it a look!

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