Sunday, November 27, 2011

Monday Book club

Have you ever wanted to eat, shop, photograph, or QUILT....your way
through a country? 

I had my first craving to do just that after I read "Under the Tuscan Sun"
(which is much better as a book than a movie). 
I love the idea of totally exploring a new experience using all
my available senses. 
I think i just makes an experience so much richer.

My next experience was a trip to Europe where I suddenly found myself
sketching tile floors & photographing stained glass windows. 
Maybe some day they will make it into fabric creations.

"From Spain with Love" by Roberta Cardew
11 quilts celebrating Mediterranean color.....
brings Spain alive....The colors, the scenery, the foods are
captured within the pages of this quilt related book.

Beautiful Photos, great lessons in color, challenging projects,
and fun recipes to try.

I enjoyed reading about her quilting journey & was inspired to create!
I think you too will enjoy this beautifully done book.

I found it such a feast for the eyes & mind.

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