Sunday, August 28, 2011

Monday Book Club

August is a great time to enjoy the bountiful harvest.......
Every where you look there are wonderful fruits and vegetables
just waiting to be savored.

Fresh Picked will tempt your taste buds with projects that focus on
Apples, Lemons, Cherries, Oranges & Pears.

There are 30 different home decor projects which include
quilts and table toppers.

I think you will enjoy......

FRESH PICKED......For all Seasons
by Dodi Lee Poulsen

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Amy said...

I just wanted to leave a little note to say how thankful I was for all the wonderful help I received in your store today! The staff was so kind and personable! I have been a Broadbent's fan for quite some time and because of the great service and selection and I will continue to be a Broadbent's fan! Thanks again!