Monday, May 16, 2011

Monday Book club

How many of you have a jar at home for "Loose change"
I do and I am always amazed at how quickly it fills up.

Well the same holds true of fabric....
All quilt makers know that after every project you are left
with precious bits of fabric any self respecting
fabric can't part with.

This book gives you a way to organize your scraps into
"Loose Change"

Nickels = 5" squares
Dimes = 10" squares
Quarters = Fat Quarter (18"x22") or Long Quarter (9"x45")

By cutting and organizing in advance, you will be amazed
at how the scraps pile up into amounts you can then use
to create many wonderful projects for practically free. 
I think you will like the idea!

More Loose Change...Claudia Plett & LeAnn Weaver

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