Sunday, April 24, 2011

Friendship Basket Club March

March is such a season of transition. 
This year particularly has held challenges for many of us. 
We have seen the fury of nature across the country as well as across the globe.
Many have experienced loss in a variety of different areas.

It is said, "That which doesn't kill you,  makes you stronger". 

Through times like these we are blessed to have friends who hold us up when

we feel as though we can not go on another day.  Through times like these
we retreat to the comfort we find in expressing our emotions in cloth.
Through times like these we discover the true depths of our spiritual &
interpersonal relationships.

I believe we are all getting stronger as we participate in a good workout,  stretching & growing with our challenges, what ever they might be.

In choosing a block for this month I came upon "Grape Basket"
I love it.....One of my favorite things about March is,
you start to see spring bulbs awaken from their Winter slumber.
The very first to wake are the tiny Grape Hyacinths.  I love their
deep purple clusters in contrast with the remaining snow we usually
have on the ground. 

They whisper to me "The world is awakening, the cold death
of winter will hold us no more it it's icy will come
again to this part of the world & soon the summer sun will
warm us....body and soul"

Until next time.....Enjoy!

March Templates "HERE"

Remember all blocks will finish 8.5"x8.5" 
Refer to the introductory post for detailed information